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It can be a challenging task, but it's ultimately necessary if you hope to set apart your parcel of Internet real-estate from the rest of the crowd. A village district is a portion of a town, including a village, which is set apart and organized for protection from fire, for lighting or sprinkling the streets, for providing a water-supply, for the construction and maintenance of sewers, and for police protection; to serve these interests three commissioners, a moderator, a clerk, a treasurer and such other officers as the voters of the district may deem necessary are chosen, each for a term of one year. They are not just " set apart for later use . 5. Set sentence examples. adj. At the same time a portion of the port was set apart as a free harbour, altogether an area of 750 acres of water and 1750 acres of dry land. Two rooms were set apart for use as libraries. Red heifers set apart for sacrifice. What does set apart from expression mean? 3. Set apart in a sentence. 2. Over 100,000 Spanish translations of English words and phrases. The garden was set apart for the use of the school; the house became the house of Hermarchus and his fellow-philosophers during his lifetime. The set apart list of example sentences with set apart. Like all their locations, the Omni Hotel San Francisco, is set apart from other lodgings. Their food must be purchased with money lawfully acquired; and lest they should unwittingly partake of any that is ceremonially unclean, they require those Jahels, whose hospitality they share, to supply their wants from a store set apart for their exclusive use. 151. The arbitrators by their award in February 1904 decided unanimously in favour of the blockading powers and ordered payment of their claims out of the 30% of the receipts at the two Venezuelan ports which had been set apart to meet them. What sets it apart from hundreds of similar small French towns is the huge factory. The jurisdiction of the Free Port was on the 1st of January 1882 restricted to the city and port by the extension of the Zollverein to the lower Elbe, and in 1888 the whole of the state of Hamburg, with the exception of the so-called "Free Harbour" (which comprises the port proper and some large warehouses, set apart for goods in bond), was taken into the Zollverein. set (something) apart (for something) To reserve or put aside something for a specific future use. Both the Dominion and the provincial governments have set apart certain areas to be preserved, largely in their wild state, as national parks. yds. 1900, 607) was likewise set apart. 183+9 sentence examples: 1. The doctor set a due date of August 17th. Translations of the phrase SET APART from english to swedish and examples of the use of "SET APART" in a sentence with their translations: You be set apart for holiness once again! Various squareslare set apart for markets, and here are to be witnessed scenes of the greatest animation. Nearly 5 o% live in special reserves or locations, the area set apart for native occupation being about 4000 sq. In this connexion it may be remarked (and this is a point on which Funck-Brentano entirely misinterprets the allusion) that, even in his capacity as valet to Fouquet, Dauger was still regarded an as exceptional sort of prisoner; for in 1679 when Fouquet and Lauzun were afterwards allowed to walk freely all over the citadel, Louvois impresses on Saint-Mars that "le nomme Eustache" is never to be allowed to be in Fouquet's room when Lauzun or any other stranger, or anybody but Fouquet and the "ancien valet," La Riviere, is there, and that he is to stay in Fouquet's room when the latter goes out to walk in the citadel, and is only to go out walking with Fouquet and La Riviere when they promenade in the special part of the fortress previously set apart for them (Louvois's letter to SaintMars, Jan. Because each major was developed and is run by a different organization, they each have different characteristics that set them apart. I set apart the day to attend to our guests. The direct result of this investigation is not known, but it is impossible to disconnect from it the promulgation by Pope Alexander V., on the 20th of December 1409, of a bull which ordered the abjuration of all Wycliffite heresies and the surrender of all his books, while at the same time - a measure specially levelled at the pulpit of Bethlehem chapel - all preaching was prohibited except in localities which had been by long usage set apart for that use. E7riaKcmros, "overlooker" or "overseer"), in certain branches of the Christian Church, an ecclesiastic consecrated or set apart to perform certain spiritual functions, and to exercise oversight over the lower clergy (priests or presbyters, deacons, &c.). set apart in a sentence - Use "set apart" in a sentence 1. [V n P + from] Li blends right into the crowd of teenagers. We have set apart a spec 324. On the day set apart for worship (Wan Phra, or" Day of the Lord ") the attendance at the temples is small and consists mostly of women. By the victories of Pichegru the stadtholder and all his family were, however, compelled to leave Holland and seek refuge in England, where the palace of Hampton Court was set apart for their use. Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! Xerox set about a process of reverse engineering. 2. "Enabling javascript" simply gives your web browser permission to look for and run the code set apart by the

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