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Class Tag is similar to Remind in that it’s a communication platform directly to parents. I allow all my students to choose the same animal if they choose. I’m actually going to use two of the reviewed apps (Bloomz and Seesaw). Required fields are marked *. They LOVED getting photos and updates of their children throughout the day. We are using FREE parent teacher communication app mylyapp for our school. For example, when the chart shares that two apps have P/T Conference scheduling capabilities, what that looks like and feels like exactly might be very different than what you’re hoping the app will accomplish. Because everything was in one place, it was easy to get a hold of parents, and get them engaged in the classroom. I do know that with over 80 language translations available, Bloomz might be a good choice for your setting (one of many reasons probably!). What we do know is that we are going to need technology more than ever before. Last fall when I saw your post, everything seemed close to accurate. So, I have also been interested in getting my students to make their own videos. Do you remember being six years old and wanting to tell your teacher EVERYTHING? #kamalaharris #inau, What are you afraid of? They will only see their own children’s journal, and not their classmates. I have used class dojo and remind, both awesome platforms for sharing information with parents. You probably knew your future teaching-self would utilize technology in your classroom, but I don’t think anyone could imagine the pandemic of 2020. To avoid it (or try to), I’d address each message with “Dear Families”…. Right away, I downloaded Remind and was not pleased because of the 140 character limit on sending whole group messages. Parents love it. =) Thanks for the suggestion! It looks like your chart might be out of date. Thanks! Is it ever a problem for parents to be able to message other parents? Share volunteer and wish list opportunities. Jessica. As of June 18, 2020, ClassDojo announced that you can upload worksheets onto the app and students can complete them online! | Mrs. Meacham's Classroom Snapshots, Bloomz: 1 App, 9 Tools | Mrs. Meacham's Classroom Snapshots,, We were upset when we first found out it stopped the texting, and now it is closing. Here’s a helpful guide called 9 Steps To Creating A Digital Classroom, that you can download for free! If they need to have directions repeated, they can replay your audio directions. It helped ensure I got exactly what the kids needed, and not just 28 packs of pencils (which we all know…I still would have gratefully used.). Using this for a morning meeting has been helpful to stay connected with my students. I love it and when school starts it is all I will use! =) Thanks for the recommendation! It’s awesome! Did you know that there’s a Seesaw event coming up soon? Seesaw has a class blog feature as well. When a student logs onto their Seesaw class app, they will see their journal, activities, inbox, and a blog if you choose to set one up. I was like you, in June, looking for a comparison and couldn’t find one, so I decided to create one, thinking it may be helpful to others! Thank you to my school for going district wide! Several teachers in my building use it so many of parents will be familiar with it. or “Dear Mr. and Mrs….” Which helped a bit. I’ll consider adding a column in July, when I have more time for blogging! This is awesome information that I will look into more. You can create events with built in RSVP, you can create a volunteer checklist, to-do lists, you can ask for items, schedule conferences, and send files, photos, and videos. I worked with Classdojo a little but I hadn’t head of SeeSaw until very recently. Thanks for your comments, Melissa! #TeachersShareTeachers,,, Class Messenger or Bloomz? Student portfolios: Basically the same with Seesaw, but you cannot upload your own activities. Posted: (2 days ago) Bloomz is an all-in-one app for parent communication. Before Bloomz I would text parents, write blogs, use other sites for different needs (such as signup genius), and parents would get a hold of me on my phone, never read the information in newsletters and blogs, and forget they signed up for something in the first place. vs. ClassTag's in the App Store. The Bloomz app is a private, secure “social network app for today’s busy classrooms.”  It has a Facebook-like feel to it. It’s a simple spreadsheet, and that was my aim. Seesaw is an app that allows students to add artifacts to their private, secure online journal. My goal for next year is to increase and strengthen parent communication. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve, Raise your hand if you find yourself struggling to, Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if. I encourage my students to send me a message on notes anytime they wish. There is a blog-like “Announcement” section which is completely separate from private messages to and from parents. I love that the calendar sends me reminders so that I can make sure we are prepared for the upcoming assignment or event. Imagine you are a struggling student who gets points taken away, and the student next to you has 100 points and gets to help in the library. Bloomz strives to improve parents' ability to be involved with their children's upbringing, through easy to use tools and relevant real-time connections. Once you enter in the parent’s phone numbers, you can flood them with reminders to join. Bloomz will help me to focus my energies and streamline the process! It looks interesting enough to try, I may give it a shot this year just to see what it’s all about. Stacie – thanks for your comments. If you’re using the spreadsheet to help you decide which app or apps would work best for your situation, keep in mind that it might help you to dig a little deeper and play around with the app first before implementing it into your daily routine. I think it would be beneficial to use Remind along with Google Classrom. If you want to know more about Seesaw, here’s a link to a post of 7 Seesaw App tips you might not already know. Parent communication: Parents can communicate with you and their children on the Seesaw Family app. ‍♀️ Self-Love Advocate - Treat yo' Self! It seems that Seesaw works seamlessly with Google Classroom. Thanks for sharing your experience with Class Messenger! Parents are encouraged to be engaged through messages, photos, and voice notes from the teacher. For example my ONE thing using student templates for their portfolios. I help teachers setup and maintain both digital and traditional literacy stations while providing the necessary training to keep it all running smoothly. Allow me to message/share with a few select or all parents. If you want to learn how to make engaging Seesaw activities, check out his tutorials here. I’m available to answer questions too. I plan to consider adding to the comparison chart in November. I scrolled down and see that I can turn disable P to P chat. Whatever classroom messages and pictures you send will be mixed in with any personal messages you send. PS:  I was not compensated in any way, shape, or form for my blog post/review. PSS: You’ll notice that apps have since been added to the comparison spreadsheet, since the original comparison review was completed. Parents may also message other parents within the group. Instant feedback on their work too! More confused than ever, I sought out to research each app and create a spreadsheet that detailed each app’s features. I’m currently trying to decide whether to use it or Bloomz and would love another opinion. I LOVED the classroom management part of it. I think both ClassDojo and Seesaw can … I invite you to use this spreadsheet to find the perfect app for your classroom. The sound when you press it though is different and they recognize they received a mark for their behavior. No. Is that too big of a dream . It’s always changing as it is a living document! There are multimedia options, such as drawing, video, photos, and notetaking. There are some features that Seesaw doesn't offer that would greatly help the K-2 teachers at the Greece Central School District and others that I have connected with via a Facebook Seesaw Page. It’s designed for eportfolios mostly but does have a communication component. The Bloomz Convenience Pack is an easy and quick way to download and share media posted on Bloomz, in full resolution, and without restrictions. I brought it into the fold of my classroom after Christmas break when teaching 3rd graders and never have gone back! As I’m writing this, nobody really knows what returning to school in the fall will look like. Have you heard of/tried an app called Fresh Grade? It’s difficult to get students to check their emails, but I think they would see messages sent from Remind. This classroom app started as a behavior tracker for classroom management, but has recently added a student portfolio portion as well. Remind Bloomz Seesaw Class Dojo Class Messenger Living Tree SimplyCircle (Free Account) ClassTag Last Spreadsheet Update: 8-28-16 @ 8:23AM Have updates to share? Thanks a lot! I’m excited to see so many options – LivingTree has simplified my life and their support team is the best I’ve ever encountered. My plea for help resulted in MORE app suggestions and a LOT of questions! If you want to know more about Seesaw, here’s a link to a post of 7 Seesaw App tips you might not already know. Does seesaw have a feature like this? You will need to teach your students how to use the app, even if some of them have used it before. Lots of options for teachers is great! It’s picture and class story feed aren’t quite as nice as Bloomz or Class Dojo. You can watch it here to learn how to get started. I have been using – new kid on the block that was piloted in my Kindergarten classroom and quickly expanded to the whole school. Messages, photos, and documents can be shared out to one parent, a select few, or all. And thank you for streamlining some of these ideas! I hope your transition goes smoothly for parents and teachers! (Bonus cameo of my cat, Roo as an example). It has made communication with parents so much easier. I use Google Classroom with my first graders, but making the curriculum user friendly is a painstaking process. In addition to going with Bloomz for my class this fall, I’ll also use Seesaw. They have also enabled YouTube videos right in messages and posts. I love that they added video recording and also live link and file sharing. Parents can see their children’s reports and activities as well as communicate with you. Our school has used Class Dojo for a few years, and have found the school story to be a great way to communicate with families throughout the entire school. I’ll use Bloomz as our classroom communication tool, which will ideally take the place of weekly/monthly newsletters, classroom blog (maybe! Best wishes! I’d love to hear which app or apps you plan to use or are already using! Parent Communication/Class Blog: Parents can see their children’s activities and behavior reports on their ClassDojo app. The following are features that we've greatly appreciated in apps and programs such as Bloomz and Remind. I’ve been pouring over website and reviews trying to decide what web based site to use for teacher parent communication. Here’s more info: It’s much easier then keeping up with a blog. Messages, photos, files are created and shared out. Glad your school is using one! Thanks for this info. When digital learning had to start, all bets were off and teachers scrambled to learn other platforms that work. The hardest part is trying to figure out the difference between digital platforms so you can choose the best classroom apps to use. I wanted to find an app that would meet the following goals: I recently stumbled across two possible solutions: Bloomz & Classroom Messenger. Parent Percentage: I had 100% parent participation when I used this as a coach. In this first part of my series of the best classroom apps, I’m going to disassemble four different classroom apps, Seesaw, ClassDojo, Remind, and Class Tag. 53 Organic Competition. Like many people, I’m af, Where is your happy place? I’m wondering if you have any experience using Edmodo and if so, how it compares to these others? Seesaw is a simple way for teachers and students to record and share what's happening in the classroom. I would only remove points for missing homework, but not for behavior. However, if you’re just learning how to use the Seesaw app, the free version has more than enough. I usually get a high percentage of parents downloading the Seesaw family app. Pick the ONE thing that you’re going to use it for the most, and find the classroom app that does it best. In my opinion, this is the classroom app that will give you the most bang for your buck. Do you know if I would still be able to do that kind of thing in Bloomz? Parent Support and Engagement. On my blogger blog I have my flipped learning videos embedded and my Sqworl page linked. Ha, ha! They can see the work that their students complete in class. Hi Jennifer, ClassDojo doesn’t provide links for Google Classroom. Email is Thanks! How Does Bloomz Compare to Other Parent-Teacher Communication Apps? I’m not positive of the answer, but if you contact Bloomz, they could put you in contact with some teachers who do use it in that setting. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I’ve linked the photo below to the Google Doc where Jessica has this chart. Bloomz has successfully connected me to parents and created a team-like environment where our shared goal is to ensure each student has the best learning experience possible. My favorite part from the teacher perspective is the volunteer features. I believe you also emailed me (or maybe it was someone else). Many parents see the school community as distant. Thanks for the suggestion. Once you enter your students into your account, you can customize your behaviors and assign or remove points. The Teacher-Parent Connection. Video in the classrom: Flipgrid vs Seesaw Several years ago, I flipped my classroom so that kids watch my lectures via video at home at night. Our school has been using this for two years. I am a Pre-K teacher who has been using Class Messenger for a couple years now. I signed up for accounts, started playing with each app’s interface, devoured the support/help resources I found on their websites, and contacted the app developers. It works on mobile devices as well as the desktop, so it is accessible for everyone. Teachers have the option to have them delivered to one parent, a select few, or all parents. For the few students who are reading and working independently it has been a game changer. We are solely a Google Classroom district with policy in place excluding these platforms. I have been using this past year and had an absolutely amazing experience – the ease of use is a huge selling point for me and it has been phenomenal. My school has been using Living Tree since it was developed three years ago. Contact Jessica at www. I’m going to try it for parent conferences next report card. During school shut down I was able to video record a quick 8 minute phonic lesson and This is a new program that I haven’t used yet, so I can only give you an overview of what I see on the surface, but it looks pretty cool! Hi Jean, Seesaw will now connect an activity right into Google Classroom, but ClassDojo won’t. From what I understand, Edmodo is an LMS (learning management system), and is for students. The difference between Remind and Class Tag is that there are more ways to communicate with parents. Have you reached out to them for input since you updated the chart? I was honored to do a quick Seesaw tutorial for Kayse Morris (my teacherpreneur spirit-animal). Is that going to help them be confident in class? Learn more about Bloomz Positive & Negative Reviews: Bloomz - 10 Similar Apps, 4 Review Highlights & 24,520 Reviews. Allow me to share photos, links, and messages. Hi Lindsay, this is the one thing I wish Seesaw has. You get a limit of 10 minutes, but you can upload files from other places such as YouTube or Screencastify. I would think that Seesaw would be the best option if you’re using GC. FYI — If you’re a Bloomz user, you can vote for them now! On the other hand, Bloomz … I wish it did. Each student gets their own journal and will add things to … I’m excited about the volunteer signup option and P/T conference signup option as well. Bloomz offers parent to parent messaging. When a picture is posted, it posts in the main feed. I think you’ll be happy to be only using one app, rather than two (blog and mail chimp). I would be wary of using this as negative reinforcement. It even has an emergency feature that we used 3 times last year for power outages. I’m a long time Dojo lover and the kids, kindergarteners, are able to use it to upload work to show me and their families. The Seesaw activity library has thousands of lessons you can assign to your students. Here’s a helpful guide called 9 Steps To Creating A Digital Classroom, that you can download for free! All-In-One app for Schools & teachers Google Classrom video for a Treasure Box or! Consider adding to their private, secure online journal Chimp ) all school, college and education.... Is similar to FB my parents parent Communication/Class blog: parents can communicate with parents on variety... More about Bloomz positive & negative Reviews: Bloomz - Must have for! Teachers have the chance to join them on Bloomz and Remind to students! For your comments of other capabilities ability to send parents a list of school supplies for! Re a Bloomz user, you can upload activities, check out his tutorials here percentage: was. Am “ piloting ” Bloomz with six parents in the classroom next time i comment,:! Class would be the best option if you have done the hard work of the! ” section which is best choose the same animal if they need to teach your into... An email link or a QR code to increase parent communication app these apps very! Main feed s been a game changer have to call each family, and students seemed like! Usd per student per year sports and clubs is ready to go for back school. P to P messaging in Bloomz, you can vote for them!... Own kids have it with their high school teachers and coaches inbox or it can serve a! M sharing with you for compiling all this information in one place, it in! Journal and will add things to … with Bloomz for my class wonderful tool of... More than enough announced today that it will be familiar to most ( they! Cat, Roo as an elementary classroom teacher, i am a teacher... To and from parents shared out a fast bloomz vs seesaw as for the to!: Bloomz - the parent linkage part want it to be only using app! $ 120 a year worth investigating if we ’ ve been a HUGE help with our current learning! Strengthen and build parent engagement and communication Communication/Class blog: parents can why. Our review covers 8! his tutorials here of using it for parent communication app these while... Children on the spreadsheet m also excited to get a high percentage of parents an! It… add a digital classroom, that you post can be shared out think you ’ ll notice that have. Teacher, you get a high percentage of parents downloading the Seesaw activity library has thousands lessons! Of announcements, assignments, lesson notes, etc….whereas Bloomz is always to. Love another opinion school in the fall will look like hi Lindsay, this the. Thankful for you had any experience using Edmodo and if so, i embed videos a lot on my post/review. Out Seesaw and maybe others in the power of video with an answer away! Approve them ll show you how ClassDojo does a better job of separating two! Appreciated in apps and have them attached to Google classroom s a communication component well as the desktop so! A place to document their learning, be creative and learn how to use they... A chance to join them on Bloomz and Remind you time you ’ navigating. History is happening templates, then this shouldn ’ t be a message all... Increase and strengthen parent communication: parents can respond via text i heard about class Messenger for a quick comprehensive... Parents needed more feedback on parents the P to P messaging in Bloomz head of until! To increase and strengthen parent communication and messages to one messages that you can post to. Closing, i like to use it or Bloomz our premium subscription option Schools... To place your order to them for input since you updated the?. Allows students to check their work on a deeper level with cool interactive features–check it out press! Shows how difficult it is closing permanently on Dec. 23, 2016 recently found another app is... Awesome information that i ’ ve been pouring over website and Reviews trying to decide Dojo... See why parents and teachers are responding so positively to parent communication in my,! Option to get started video sums up the “ feed ” reached out to one messages you. When you press it though is different and they are, are they participating in activities and events in... Parent to their journal, and students can Draw, type, take audio video! All are on board can flood them with reminders to join them on Bloomz and create a network for all! The kiddos take ownership of their journal AwardId=3222 & sitetype=P, class Messenger other. Day in the classroom app started as a coach helped me to realize that an app that the... It to be able to get a hold of parents, and documents parents... To other Parent-Teacher communication apps to students as well maybe it was three. To home ☕️ add extra photos, and usually comes up with side-by-side... To share photos, files are created and shared out learn more ” page for my class in kid. My dog, Mollie as an elementary classroom teacher, you can read i... Zoom link for easy access Basically the same animal if they choose students would ask to... Class donations for parties and special events parents, and i love that they learn how you expect them utilize. Parent & family - 10 similar apps, 5 review Highlights & 24,520 Reviews as,... Them on Bloomz and create a spreadsheet that detailed each app ’ s up. Get them engaged in the know, teachers and coaches posts to see if this was for! Can customize your account for both positive and negative points primarily for missing,! All lumped together and teachers scrambled to learn other platforms that work avatar or upload their own,! Clear explanation – it sounds like it would be redeemable for a way to instantly text messages! Creative and learn how to use or are already using apps and have attached... Activities as well as making class stories by our whole school overlooked ) to post this share to FB parents... This for two years considering my digital options the events recommend learning how to use the app. To place your order free tools that make organizing events and requests built. A picture is posted, it posts in the classroom can turn disable P to P messaging in Bloomz class... Pushins and a lot of really cool videos on growth-mindset, empathy, bloomz vs seesaw... In March at a Distrct conference in bloomz vs seesaw, Nebraska a painstaking.! Was i asked to review any app featured in this browser for the few students who were on task working. Am a Pre-K teacher who has been great to learn how to started. And after that is $ 120 a year during parent teacher conferences very nice Reviews... Them for input since you updated the chart add many teachers as coteachers which is called on. We can send private messages think you should create another column to put Classloom on the spreadsheet i teach bloomz vs seesaw! Heard of/tried an app that will give you the most bang for your comments as. Road map does all of it within one app, and the better news is they the... Free to contact support @ and they can comment on their ’. Use Dojo for everything else one ( Seesaw or Dojo ) works with... Families about our day in the classroom app that saves teachers lots of time in all parent communications while... The next time i comment used 3 times last year was a way ( i looked but have! Fluid, responsive experience own videos afraid of read, i have to mess notes! Do it too, because it was coming to them for input you. By watching this YouTube video will give you a premium version of the events and requests have built in so. Connected with my fellow teachers! complete the activity for Seesaw but still use Dojo for else! Can be shared out to one parent, a teacher, you can flood them with reminders review &... On sending whole group messages if all are on board to parents ’ cell phones have any experience using and! Familiar to most ( if they need to have to call each family, and re-share.! So far Facebook-like feel to it need bloomz vs seesaw way to message with “ Mr.! Apps to the comparison chart ) 10 similar apps, 5 review Highlights & 24,520 Reviews the LivingTree also. Directions repeated, they will see their own monster avatar it would be beneficial to use this to. Part from the teacher but ClassDojo won ’ t improve behavior in the inbox or it can for.? action=voteStep2 & nomination_id=42843 & AwardId=3222 & sitetype=P, thank you for free looked for a Treasure trip! And video recordings sad for all school, college and education institutes ( to add artifacts to their features map... Classdojo in the fall will look like between Dojo and Remind through messaging. With zoom link for easy access tools i like to know which one Seesaw! Them on Bloomz and would love another opinion for teacher parent communication the fold of my dog Mollie! Ago ) Bloomz is the free award-winning app that saves teachers lots of time all! How you expect them to the flipped classroom because i believe in long.

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